Dredging at Birchenbridge
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Dredging at Birchenbridge

Over the past week dredging has been taking place at Birchenbridge, the work was carried out at the owners expense and without the direct involvement of the club; however, it should be a major benefit to us once things settle back down. Our secretary Ian Petch visited the pond as the work was coming to completion and has reported the following (you may have seen this on Facebook):

I called in at Birchenbridge today to have a quick look at the dredging work taking place. They were here last year and back again this year. Hopefully it will be done every year until it is sorted but who knows.
There is silt spread around on the banks in various areas up the far end, although all swims are still accessible. They have been there a week working for the land owner and they told me they had moved about 200 Tonnes but that there was still loads more in there. Sadly they were not going right across the lake but only out to halfway on this occasion. 
A lot of the silt was moved away from the bankside with a digger and dumper, right up into the woods beyond the furthest swim we can fish on the Horsham side.

The work that has been completed, is likely to have removed a good deal of the lilies from the pond, please be aware that this is not as a result of any weed spaying or work undertaken by the club.