Guest Tickets

Guest Tickets
Senior members may buy Guest Tickets for up to two persons. Members must accompany their guests fishing. If the guest is under 16 years of age, they must be fishing adjacent to the Senior.

  • No Guest Tickets will be issued on the bank.
  • Guest Night Tickets are not available.
  • Guest Tickets are available online or from ASH tackle shop.
  • Members who purchase a guest ticket online will receive an emailed receipt. This receipt must be either printed out and taken with them as proof, or they must be able to present this email on their phone to a Bailiff or Official if challenged.

Member’s Single Night Tickets
Senior Members of minimum two FULL years standing not in possession of a full night permit may purchase a Single Night Ticket. Please contact the Secretary for details.

  • Single Night Tickets will not be available for Saturday nights.
  • Single Night Tickets will be issued at the discretion of the club Secretary.
Senior, Intermediate, OAP, Disabled £10.00GUEST TICKET
Junior, Minor£5.00GUEST TICKET