Evening Series Round 3 – Island Pond 1st June 2023

The third leg of the Evening Series took place at Island Pond on 1st June. The fishing proved to be quite hard following more pressure on the water than usual whilst Roost Hole has been closed, in addition to the north easterly winds of the last few days and cold nights which have taken a toll on the fishing. The result was as follows

1st Ray Smallwood 19-6-0 (6 bream)
2nd Wayne Hayes 11-0-0 (3 bream + bits)
3rd Jason Hayes 7-6-0 (bits)
4th Terry Harrison 7-0-0
5th Pete Schlotter 5-6-0
6th Mark Hayley 4-4-0
7th Kev Whittaker DNW

The top 4 league placings with half of the matches completed are as follows:

1st Wayne Hayes & Ray Smallwood 15 points
3rd Terry Harrison 14 points
4th Mark Hayley & Jason Hayes 6 points

The next match is on the 15th June at Fox Hole.