Roost Hole 5th December (Christmas Competition Leg 3)

The first two legs of the Christmas Competition were fished in cold and unpleasant conditions, and this leg was no different, with a cold north westerly wind making bites hard to come by. Ray Smallwood took top weight, with one bream of about 2lb taken in the last five minutes of the match on the feeder, with the remainder being roach caught on the pole. Jackson Deacon (a junior) came second with 3-8-0 of roach. Les Eggleton won the Christmas Competition with 27 points, followed by Ray Smallwood with 22 and Wayne Hayes with 20 (the final list is shown below).

1st Ray Smallwood 3-14-0
2nd Jackson Deacon 3-8-0
3rd Les Eggleton 2-4-0

Final standings in the Christmas Comp:

Name Total
1st Les Eggleton 27
2nd Ray Smallwood 22
3rd Wayne Hayes 20
4th Graham Boylett 19
5th Jackson Deacon 18
6th Andy Mayhew 16
7th Richard Eggleton 14
8th Phil Kay 8   (Phil took 8th place on weight count back)
9th Andy Chappell 8
10th John Hayes 7
11th Rob Mazek 3
12th Pete Schlotter 2
13th Kev Whittaker 0