Autumn Series – Match 1 – Fox Hole – 15th October

Thanks to Mark Hayley who ran the first of the Autumn Series at Fox Hole on 15th October and provided the following report on the match:

Opening my front door at six thirty this morning and seeing my car frozen 🥶 did have me slightly worried that the match at Foxhole, the first of a three match Autumn series would be hit hard and bites would be hard to come by; however, no need to worry as the lake fished exceptionally well with carp showing in every peg.

The sun bathed half the anglers as the whistle signalled the “All in”, the other half however were left cold but definitely not biteless.

The fish seemed to enjoy the bright sunshine and were caught to a variety of methods, bomb and pellet, method feeder, pole long, pole short and even a few shallow.

Lee Waller fished a great match (especially as he had banter all day from Graham Boylett next door) and finished up with the winning weight of 57lbs from peg nine including one carp of 8lbs 10oz which is a good size for Foxhole.

Andy Mayhew was one of the anglers left in the cold shade for most of the day as he was in peg eleven down the far end of Fox hole, this didn’t deter him one bit and managed an impressive 39lbs on pole and method feeder, he had some lovely fish in his net.

In third place 🥉 was Graham Boylett with a bag of fin perfect carp weighing 33lbs to finish off the frame.

David, Wayne, Cameron and John were pegged along the Dam wall which would normally have been hard to beat however today they worked on their suntans rather than their arm muscles, John Hayes had the bragging rights on that bank with 31lbs.

On the right hand side was myself, Rob and Jason and we could just about manage weights in the mid teens, brrrrrr🥶🥶🥶

Considering it was the first real cold morning of the season and with very bright conditions it fished extremely well and the ten anglers weighed a total of 234lbs.

Well done everyone and thank you for coming out to play, I do hope you’ll join me for the second match of the series, Roosthole on the 19th November.