Aerator installed at Foxhole (and other work)
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Aerator installed at Foxhole (and other work)

After much hard work over the last few days an aerator has been installed behind the island at Foxhole.

The club anticipates the instillation will reduce problems experienced in recent years at Foxhole associated with low rainfall and high temperatures the summer months.

Thanks to everyone involved in this bringing this project to completion. In particular to Barry Clark for his organization, Shaun Wadey for his technical knowledge and help with the instillation, committee member Pete Collins for his work clearing the south side of the island to create space for the solar panel that will the power the system and fishery officer Lee Waller, for his work in the boat, ferrying people and equipment to and from the island.

Separately, a work party consisting of Chris Jenkinson, Andrew Mills and Oliver Wright visited Birchenbridge Pond on Sunday afternoon and cleared vegetation from paths and swims on the Horsham bank. Earlier in the day Trevor Epps carried out similar work at the same location.

Thanks to all involved!