Dry Pond carp removal (How you can help)
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Dry Pond carp removal (How you can help)

The club has recently received permission to stock Crucian Carp into Dry Pond.

This promises to be an exciting development for the club, as we currently have very few Crucians in our waters.

However, in order to stock Crucians, we need to remove existing carp from the venue to reduce the chances of hybridization occurring, as this poses a threat to Crucian carp.

There are probably no more than a 10 to 12 carp in Dry Pond. If you should be fortunate enough to catch a carp from Dry Pond, please take the following action.

  1. Retain the carp safely (if this is not possible release it)
  2. Call our fishery officers (Lee Waller 07598 510934 / Tony Staples 07833 603153). They will advise you whether they are able to come and collect the carp and remove it to another venue.  

Members help will be important in enabling us to complete move this project forwards successfully.